Disclaimer Policy

This is a Personal Disclaimer Policy for this Site

Apart from Privacy Policy this page shows information about the resources, writings and links that I have used across my website. This statement includes the copy right issues also.
About the Resources

I use resources only for educational purpose. I do not intend to spam users for my personal gaining. I do use resources which are own by individuals or organisations with required permissions. And users can get these resources from the original owners.
About the Writings

The writings used in this blog is unique and interesting. I may sometime use writings from other blogs to improve quality of the article. If you find any issues with the content provided in this blog, you are free to contact me through e-mail.
About the Links

For reference purpose and for content downloading, I may use external links in my website. And I am not responsible for the action you take with links I have provided. You may sometimes redirected to other sites as part of this action which shows advertisements.

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