Create a simple HTML Website online

Creating a basic HTML Website and hosting it online was a difficult task for every beginner. You may find a wide variety of services to create websites and hosting those online.

And most beginners find these difficult to learn properly in the correct way. Thanks to HtmlSave! They made it easy for anyone who tries to build simple static websites online.

All you need to do is write your HTML, CSS, JS codes online or paste it from your clipboard to the field provided in the website and submit the content to save/host it online.

It is simple and fast. Your hosted content will be live, and you can access it with the URL provided on the website. Later if you wish to edit the content, all you need to do is update and save it.

Two easy steps to host your website code online.

  1. Just Paste your Code
  2. Submit to Host Online.
Testing your HTML, CSS, JS codes online can be done with Htmlsave. Try it now.
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