Under Display Front Camera from OPPO & Xiaomi

We are in the era of the future. Smartphones have evolved from Physical navigation button to on-screen navigation. All you have to do is to Swipe Up, Swipe Left or Right for Navigating through apps.

For better display viewability manufactures bring Notch design for the camera and Punch hole cameras to the market.

People started wanting full-screen display without Notch or any punches on the screen. Then there comes the pop-up camera, which uses motoring action.

All those bring the notion of hidden camera in the screen. So the future with "under-display camera" emerge.

Samsung was working on this technology to enable under-display cameras. Chinese companies OPPO & Xiaomi showed some sneak peeks of this fantastic technology.

Xiaomi's sneak peeks showcased the sample of Mi9 where a woman is holding the Notchless screen phone. Along with water-drop notch of standard Mi9. Also, she is taking a selfie of her using the under-display camera.

OPPO'S sneak peeks revealed the full-screen view of an image. In which camera is completely hidden under the image. Also, shown taking a picture with the under-display camera.

Even though the under-display cameras may have low image quality, the technology is promising. Also, it may improve well soon.

Despite all the negatives, these Chinese companies are confident enough to showcase their technology to the world. That's a piece of good news for everyone.

Top brands like Apple, Google, Samsung will soon fight over this technology to become the number one in the market. Let's see what happens to smartphone technology.

Some people might indeed opt out of hidden camera phones like this. Because it can cause some security and privacy problems.

These technologies may get banned or updated with new technologies in the future for better security without compromising anything. So what is your opinion about this? Comment below to respond to this topic!

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