Huawei Ban in the US: Internet Boundary

Huawei is one of the Largest mobile manufactures in the world. Huawei depends on companies like Google, Intel and many more to grow their business. And these companies are under the US government.

Huawei is a Chinese company and the US government don't want them to spy on their people. This, in turn, brings banning the Huawei products in the US territory.

The US ordered American companies from stop providing services to the Chinese companies unless those companies get a special License.

The Cyberwar between countries may lead to the breakdown of the Internet. And can create country wise Internet Boundaries.

Internet is an Open space to express and share the experience with the world. Technologies made all these possible. And if we restrict our technologies from expanding to other countries. And spying people for the sake of protection. All these will fall a great depth.

Currently in China. Many Google services like Google search, YouTube are not functioning. China has its alternatives. And there is a Great firewall that prevents accessing these services.

The Chinese government are spying its own people who access the Internet in its territory. The US is afraid of stealing trade secrets and the technologies from American companies and can be used for military purpose and commercial development.

Google preventing Android updates for Huawei phones is one of the biggest problem faced by Huawei. For people who aren't using Apple iOS, Android is the second choice. And it is owned by Google.

Even though Android is opensource, Google still controls the ecosystem like security patches. And if Huawei is creating a new OS for its upcoming smartphones. Its a really tedious process.

If the US permanently ban Chinese products in its territories, the US will lag behind other countries. Russian Telecom has made an agreement with Huawei to develop a 5G network in the country. And Huawei got the 5G license from the Chinese government.

Recently, Facebook, Social Media Company from the US prevent pre-installing its apps on Huawei smartphones.

Google explicitly told that banning Huawei will create National security risk, and they warn the Trump Administration about this matter.

Lets Hope for better connectivity, security and good technologies that uplift the future. Share your ideas and thought about this in the comment session. 😊

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