2 Best Blogging Platform

Of course, Blogger and Wordpress are the best two blogging platforms know for many years. Google owns blogger. Wordpress has two versions. is a hosting service where you can create your Wordpress blog, whereas is where you can download Wordpress software and install in your web hosting account to use Wordpress CMS.

As far as I have concerned, Individuals looking for no troubles and almost free hosting services, and trying to earn some money through blogging, Blogger would be there first and best choice.

Blogger, unlike Wordpress, doesn't support plugins created by third parties. The flexibility of the blogger is very less when we compare it with Wordpress. is similar to Blogger, but it has some limitations. You may need to choose a plan which may cost some money, to use all the essential features, including monetization. provides Wordpress software without any limitations. However, you need to take care of the hosting problems by yourself. Bandwidth, storage, ram everything under hosting is a big problem for you.

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