Buildbox Game Engine: Three things to Know

Should I use BuildBox for my Games?

If you looking to create beautiful minimalistic games, you should try BuildBox Game Engine for sure. Warning: This is a costly game engine.

I really loved how easy to create simple games using Buildbox Game Engine. In fact, you don’t need to know any programming language or need any programming skills for creating simple games. You heard it right. You don’t need to write a single line of code to create a beautiful piece of the game.

Advantages of using BuildBox

Other than the code less part, it is easy to set properties and behavior of the assets you include in the game project. It's that easy to set up. No other engine provides that easiness other than BuildBox without writing a line of Code.

You just need focus only on the design aspects and the ideas for creating your next project.

The other thing I should mention about this game engine is the export option to platforms like Android, iOS and more.

And the monetization part is made super cool and simple that its a child play. Definitely, the Creation of game is a Childs Play using BuildBox.

What type of Games can be made using BuildBox?

There is a limitation to your imagination while working with a BuildBox Game creation process. When you are using BuildBox, you find it difficult to implement some features or action that might add some advantage to your game. Say, your game might stand out in the market with all other same games.

But, they are improving all these with constant updates. In their 3d version, they have bought many additional features that. But it’s in beta by the time I have writing this article.


So, if you have an interest in spending time on creating games and have less coding knowledge. And the necessary, good budget to afford Buildbox Pricing Plans. You should definitely need to use this software.

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