Swipe Snake - Free Buildbox Template

Swipe Snake is a simple game made using drag and drop game engine called Buildbox. This is the fastest way to create amazing games. I'm providing this buildbox template for absolutely free. In this template, the character is moved by swiping our finger on the screen. It is super easy to control the snake's movement in the gameplay. You can easily add or remove existing features in the buildbox project.

How to RESKIN the Buildbox Template?
It’s Effortless just open the projects in Buildbox and change the character, objects, backgrounds & sounds with your own….Build and export project...


  1. Completed Buildbox Project (2.2.8)
  2. AND Instructions to Reskin
  3. Images and Sounds within the Project

Is the Template for free?
Absolutely YES, I'm providing this template for free.

Note: Password for File is: eldhosejoys.blogspot.com
About the Game:
This game is an endless game of swiping the snake through the blocks. When the snake hits the block, it dies. You can get coins by going more distance in the game. Check the gameplay below.

How to Download the Template?
Download the Template freely.
Download Now or Alternate Link
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