Doodle Army2 : Minimilitia WebCloud App

Thanks to "Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia" developed by Appsomniacs LLC.

Most of you have heard about the above-mentioned game, which is an interesting multiplayer and solo-player game grossing in play store. I love this game and do play it with my friends in free time. Together with my passion towards development help me contribute a helpful Guide for the players of this game.

The Minimilitia WebCloud App includes many sessions which help users to contribute their views and points. I made this app very simple and elegant for users.

The app has Tips & Tricks section, Group Chat section, Gallery section, Video section and Contact section. There is an option available in the to submit posts and images so that we will upload it to the App server.

You should note that the app is available in Play Store for free. But we have placed banners and interstitial ads on the Mobile App to fund online servers. I placed few ads, and care more for user's experience.

DISCLAIMER: The app content not sponsored or endorsed by or affiliated with the creators of the Game 'Appsomniacs LLC'. All the copyrights and trademarks are owned by the respective owners.

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