Minimilitia Game Review and Tips

Hey, you may have heard of the multiplayer game mini-militia these days. Well then, today I am going to talk about something about mini-militia. This is an online multiplayer game, as well as you can play this game offline with your friends through wi-fi. People get obsessed with this game attributable to its simplicity and multiplayer mode.

One of the advantage for this game is that everyone can access pro-pack for 10 minutes free by watching a video ad. And I could say that it is better than buying the pro version. Nowadays you could even get hacked versions of this game from the web. And this is the greatest threat facing by militia lovers. To say honestly, I do love the hacked versions very much.

The game is packed in 2D. For the first time, you may have trouble with the graphics, controls and other options provided. But when the time passes, I could say that you will get addicted to it. Although the game promotes violence indirectly, it just rocks the mind of youth. The best part is that user can change the position and size of the controls and can make their own avatars in the settings.

The game is packed with 3 modes:


Which needs an active Internet Connection. This mode helps you to play the game online quickly without making any clan. The game will automatically fill you in a clan. The clan members can choose the battlefield according to their will. When everything is set the countdown will start and the battle of war begins!


In this mode, you can play with your Google+ friends by inviting them to your clan or you can play offline through LAN WI-FI. In this mode, the one who hosts the game can set the time limit and battle place. You can even form teams between your friends and start playing the game.


In Solo Play, you have two options. One is the Training and other is the Survival. In the coaching section, you may be helped by sarge to inform the sport. While in the survival, You can combat with the enemies available and Sarge will help you with the game.
Minimilitia list of Maps

In this list, I'm aiming to show you the fifteen completely different maps accessible within the mini-militia game. Most of you are aware of the Out Post, but there are more to discover. And I would suggest you play in different maps.

Out Post

High Tower


Bottle Neck

No Escape

So Long


Ice Box

Snow Blind







Minimilitia Tips and Tricks

  • For the best gaming, I would suggest you using Pro-Pack which you can buy using Play Store or can download free from web cloud. But don't try to choose MOD versions. i.e avoid using the game which contains extra features like unlimited ammo, life, flying power, invisibility etc. It may break the fun. 
  • Avoid hackers. If you discover any hackers in your tribe whereas enjoying online or offline, I'd recommend you to leave the sport as before long as potential. it should kill our time fun. thus be honest in enjoying. 
  • The best way to become a pro-player is to play with a maximum number of people. It will help you improve your skill and also help you to score more Battle Points. And these points will help you to increase your Ranking and Skill Points. 
  • Master your weapons. You need to use the best comfortable weapons for the gaming. Become the master of a weapon. And try to increase the accuracy of the shot while flying. Don't forget to reload the weapon at an interval. 
  • Place the controls at the best place. It should not be either large or too small. It is the main factor which loses Battle points. So place it carefully. I recommend not to change the default positions of the Controls. 
  • When getting bored try out different maps. And surf other things and come back to play. 
Battle Tips:

  • You should attack first the enemy. Don't let them start firing at you. 
  • Hide under the bushes and give some surprises to your enemy. I suggest you use sniper while hiding. 
  • Collect the bombs, health, defend particularly as they're additional outstanding than guns. The defend is {usually | is often} the most effective one than the other weapon because it defend us from death. 
  • Use bombs effectively. Don't waste them. Aim correctly. Smoke bombs are more effective than ordinary. 
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