Remove Water Mark from Videos in KineMaster Pro for FREE

Now you can create Water Mark Free videos on KineMaster

It is bad to have water marks on videos that we create using video editors. While using KineMaster Pro+ I could see that in order to remove the water mark from videos, we need to pay certain amount of money to the developer. Today, I am going to help you to remove those water marks from videos with no cost.

KineMaster - no water mark
Follow the Steps Below:

You need to download Lucky Patcher Apk from here. After that, just open the application ( It may ask you for the root access, which you can skip )
Then you need to tap on KineMaster App.
In the Menu Patches, go to "Support patch for Inapp and LVL emulation"
In-order to complete the process tap "Apply".
It may take some time to complete this process.
After completing this you can open the KineMaster Pro and try to purchase "Water Mark Removal" while editing videos.
When you tap on "BUY". A popup window appears asking you :- “Do you want to get this item for free?”

Tap on "Yes" to get Water Mark Free videos.
You can save purchase for restoration purpose also.

Now you got an idea to get videos water mark free. Get your videos free from water mark and upload to YouTube or Social Medias. Thanks for visiting me. To get more important tech news and lots more please subscribe my blog via e-mail.

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